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  1:54 Tomica TN360  
Type: Die Cast 

Brand: Tomica 

Date: November 15, 2003 

francis gan (2003, 2004)

The TN360 was based on Honda's S600 - sharing the engine and underpinnings.  Tomica modeled this car (No. 18) quite earlier on with subsequent reissues. Some of the early issues - in the early yellow/black boxes are rather rare.

The yellow pepsi version with the 1D wheel. Notice that the door also has a door handle (which is omitted from later castings):

The yellow pepsi truck with the 1E wheel

Here is the white Pepsi truck with 1H wheels:

White Pepsi TN360 with 1E wheels

This is a blue TN360 with a grey cargo cover. This model and color combo has spanned the years - available in at least 3 different wheel variations. This is the 1E wheeled version.

Here's the TN360 Mail Truck with the older 1E wheel:

The following is a similar truck but the door has a door handle - which was not present on the first truck. Unfortunately, this one has a couple of handling chips in the paint and a moderately discolored side decal.

Here is the latest variation with the modern day 1H wheels. This came as part of a Mail Vehicle set.

This contrast the 3 variations.

A 2002 commemorative version in silver with black front panel.

A light cream colored TN360 with "HONDA" printed on the doors.


Another Honda edition in light yellow with the Honda wings logo.

A special edition Police version

A special cake house version



Here's a more contemporary variation from the Honda Collection Hall:


The TN360 was also packaged in the US Market Tomica Pocket Cars.

A rare japanese blister pack of the yellow TN360 with 1E wheels


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