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  1:75 ChoroQ S2000  
Type: Diecast 

Brand: ChoroQ (Takara) 

Date: November 8, 2003 

francis gan (2003, 2004)

Probably one of the first S2000s from ChoroQ - the box has dates of 1999 in it.

A rare ChoroQ special edition S2000 "'02 Racing Team" with gold wheels. Painted headlights and a clear bottom.

A black with silver stripe "Comme Ca Du Mode Fille" (2000) commemorative edition. Clear headlights and bottom.

A ChoroQ Special Model in black with silver winshield header, interior and bottom.

A Honda Direct Marketing version in blue with blue tonneu cover and hoops.  Silver painted headlights and a clear bottom and backplate.


A "Special 30000" red with "HONDA" on the trunk and "S2000" on the hood. Red interior with black hoops and tonneu cover. Clear base and back plate.

A silver with Red interior with black hoops and tonneu cover from a ChoroQ No. 52 red windowed box.

A clear version with clear interior with black hoops and tonneu cover from the special "Remix" box. Black headlights.

A yellow version with a spec sheet on the windshield.  Black interior and clear headlights.Backplate has keychain attachment.  Bottom is yellow.

A Kit Kat version that came in a King-sized Kit Kat in a red blister pack. Black bottom and rear plate that lacks the molding of typical ChoroQ cars.

An OEM version made for Educational Learning Centre (UK) in a special blister pack.  Only the blister pack contains Takara/ChoroQ information.  The car, with a clear base and back plate, has no typical ChoroQ/Takara markings.  The car is similar to the original ChoroQ version except its wheels are grey. They also come with an attachment for a track.

From a red windowed no.52 box. A goldish green S2000 with a clear bottom and back plate.  Black interior, hoops and tonnue cover.

A J's Tipo special edition version with dark grey BBS mesh wheels. Black bottom lacks the molding of typical ChoroQ cars.

A yellow version with clear bottom and backplate.

A Hanshin Tigers 2003 special edition with yellow interior and black bottom.  Comes in a blister package with a flag and 2 baseball players.

Here's the Hanshin Tigers 2004 edition

Toy's Dream Project 2 car in blue/silver with "ChoroQ Circuit Official Car-01" markings. Blue and chrome wheels. As typical of most OEM'd special editions, bottom does not have typical ChoroQ moldings.

Honda Direct Marketing version from a white "HDC" marked box. Blue bottom and back plate with "HDC". Black windshield.

Blue ChoroQ Special Model with  black interior. Clear headlights and bottom. Comes in a red treasure chest ChoroQ box.

Silver S2000 with black hood w/silver graphics. Clear headlights with a silver bottom and backplate.

Another Amusement Editions - a black light version with Century Millenium 21 on the hood of a clear body.

And another - a blue chrome version

Red with clear headlights and a white interior, windshield header, roll hoops and tonnoue cover.  Grey tinted windshield with a clear base and backplate. 2002 Sunrise decal on backplate.

Surprisingly, ChoroQ released Major League Baseball S2000s!  Though, I've only seen the Astros, Mets and Angels versions.  I am not aware of other teams being represented by the S2000.

Shuot Kousoku Trial Yellow S2000 with a transluscent blue windshield, bottom and backplate.

Shuot Kousoku Trial Silver S2000 with a transluscent blue windshield, bottom and backplate.


Ebay S2000

Chrome S2000 from the 2003 QQQ Pack S2000 in a special CarSensor white windowed box.

Another "Toy's Dream Project" car with detailed painted headlights and taillights. "S2000" on front fender with a red interior. Silver bottom and backplate. Comes as a set with a Tomica S2000 in a nice box.

A special edition S2000 with a figure

Sushi versions and special edition commemorative 2000 World Hobby Fair version in "Sushi" boxes.

Also available in keychain form

A Hong Kong soap opera special - Eason Chan

A 20 year anniversary edition in white

A Playstation GT3 version

Imitations that are close to the ChoroQ S2000s - designed as LED flashers for car alarm systems.

Another in-car accessory in the shape of an S2000 - using the same scale and probably casting as the ChoroQ version. The clear hood exposes and engine bay that lights up.


Another imitation version in red with a brown interior and black wheels without the pullback mechanism

A ChoroQ kit.


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