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  1:43 Maxicar S2000  
Type: Diecast 

Brand: Golden Dragon Group (GDG), Macau 

Date: November 25, 2003 

francis gan (2003, 2004)

These 1:43 Honda S2000's are Made in China to a level of detail and quality just below those of the Ebbro S2000s. The S2000s from GDG are available in both the MaxiCar and MaxiCar Jr series. The MaxiCar Jr cars have single color (black) molded interiors whereas the MaxiCar ones have painted seats and carpets.  The MaxiCar Jr cars also come with chrome wheels compared to the silver painted ones on the MaxiCar series. Beyond that, the only other difference is on the undercarriage where the MaxiCar S2000's have an additional gold stamp logo of GDG.

The MaxiCar S2000s in the collection include the red (10021), blue (10023) and black (10022) ones.

Some closeup shots of details

The MaxiCar Jr S2000s in the collection include the red (20021), black (20022) and silver (20024) ones.


Some closeups of the Jr series - compare with the regular series above.

The MaxiCar Jr boxes are fractionally smaller than the MaxiCar boxes - the latter having clips that secure the clear case to the base.



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