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  1:36 Kinsmart S2000  
Type: Diecast 

Brand: Kinsmart 

Date: November 26, 2003 

francis gan (2003, 2004)

This was the first of the lower quality S2000 diecasts available in the US although they were RHD cars. These 1:32 S2000s are pullback toys with good detail for a toy. Interestingly, they came in hardtop configuration instead of the more typical open top. The cars came in blue, silver, red, black, white and yellow - all with black interiors. The wheels are the 6 spoke BBS wheels but the tires look too high profile for the car with very crude tread.  The hardtop's B pillar is not accurately shaped - causing the rear window to also be incorrect.

Some detail closeups.


A boxed versions (from outside US)



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