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  1:66 Tomica Odyssey  
Type: Diecast 

Brand: Tomica 

Date: February 15, 2004 

francis gan (2003, 2004)
Tomica's Honda Odyssey in 1:66 scale.  This is a model of the JDM Odyssey in both its original form and the facelifted version (note the headlights).

The original Odyssey in red


The original Odyssey in blue in 2 packaging variations

Some Japanese market packaging:


This is a white one that is supposed to have come from a set but I got it in a box.

Updated Odyssey in gold from 2 packaging variations

It even came in a taxi variation

A green updated Odyssey from a blue/white dream energy box

A special edition Dunlop version with a special box

And also in a Police variation

From a set

One of the more recent releases

Special Edition with clear box

Here is an extremely detailed tampo'd version from an Auto Salon edition

A silver/black boxed version in black with trim details - window trim, rub strip and door handles.

The 2004 Odyssey

A silver/black boxed version with a little more detail than the regular issue - notice the silver door handles, split colored tail lights and matte black window trim.


Here is a slightly more detailed version from an Auto Salon edition.Notice the headlamps and lower body detail as well as the gold 4 spoke wheels.

Another Auto Salon version

A custom version from a Model Auto Swap Meet in pearl dark purple.

From a Minivan set - Black with gold lipped rims and a grey interior

The 2005 Tokyo Auto Show markings on the roof of this blue version was boxed in a special auto show white/red box.


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