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  1:64 toy NSX  
Type: Diecast 

Brand: Unknown 

Date: November 29, 2003 

francis gan (2003, 2004)

These are about the most crude renditions of the NSX in the model world. From what I can tell, they are low quality castings and assemblies made in China.  They are approximately 1:64 scale.  All of these have no interiors and dark windows. The undercarriages go from no detail to incorrect detail.

Some of these are from Summer while the rest are unknown. I'll let the photos speak for themselves.




A different casting.

Another different casting.

Blue w/orange markings

Blue with red markings

Blue with silver markings

Blue with dark grey markings

Blue with silver markings and a chrome base.

White with blue markings

Red w/silver markings

Red with dark grey markings

Red with blue markings

Red with green markings

Yellow w/red markings

Yellow w/grey markings

Yellow w/green markings

Teal w/silver markings

Green with silver markings


Some of these came from the factory with no tampos.

Brown without tampos

Red without tampos

Blue without tampos

And another casting - probably the crudest of all.

Red w/gold pinwheel on hood

Red w/silver octopus on hood

Red w/silver mouse on hood

Yellow with red pinwheel on hood

Yellow w/red puppy on hood

Green w/red octopus on hood

Yet another casting

Another packaging available in the budget stores in the US

One still in packaging from France

And another

And another

Another still in packaging from France

And another


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