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  1:59 Tomica NSX (NA1-Safety)  
Type: Diecast 

Brand: Tomica (Tomy) 

Date: November 28, 2003 

francis gan (2003, 2004)

The number of NSX variations issued by Tomica is quite high - second only to the S800 as far as Hondas go.  Tomicas NSX's are 1:59 and with varying levels of detail varies depending on the issue.  The NA1 NSX's were issued as No. 78 (including the NSX-T), followed by the NA3 as No. 81. This page focuses on the NA1 Safety versions with light domes.

Tomica No. 78 Safety (1991-2001)

The Twin Motegi Ring safety car.

NSX Police (Made in Japan)


NSX Police (Made in China)

Made in Japan NSX Police car with decals

Here's an NSX Police version that came in a U-Mate diorama package.  The black section in the front of the car is different from the regular versions. In addition, the lightbar is boomerang shaped and the interior is grey:

Side by side of the Japanese variation (left) vs the China variation (right) - the difference is in the shade of white, the light bar design and the front and rear valence bottoms.

Special Investigator NSX's with Red and Silver markings



This is an unusual one - blue with grey interior and a single light dome on the right side of the roof.

A Twin Ring Motegi NSX Safety Car


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