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  1:43 Rosso NSX  
Type: Diecast 

Brand: Rosso 

Date: November 14, 2003 

francis gan (2003, 2004)

Rosso modelled the NSX for only about 2 years before its factory burned to the ground.  Thus these plastic models are rather rare.  The NSX in 1:43 was available as a full kit and as a mostly assembled car.  The assembled version came in boxes with a clear case and black base. I have not figured out why the gold colored cardboard boxes were labeled "Jack 1", "Jack 2" and "Jack 3".

The body can be separated from the chassis - something that needs to be done in order to install the engine cover - 1 of the 2 unassembled parts. Presumably, the engine cover is left off so that the detailed engine can be shown off through the rear hatch. The other piece that does not come assembled is the exhaust muffler - in order for the car to be screwed on to it's base.

Rosso's method of attaching the car to the base using just one screw and metal clips to the delicate suspension was not a very good method.  Many cars don't make a typical shipping process - ending up with broken suspension or undercarriage components.  Normally, the screw hole on the car breaks - resulting in the car being loose in it's case - which then breaks the side mirrors.

Jack 1 is a red JDM model in RHD

Jack 2 is a red LHD euro model. Headlight washers are visible on the front bumper.

Jack 3 is the Suzuka safety/pace car in red with appropriate markings and a light bar. Interestingly, this is a LHD car.

My collection also includes the Rosso 1:43 NSX in silver and green.  The first 2 with black interiors and the green with an ivory interior.

The interior has amazing detail - quite easy and typical of plastic kits but less common in die cast ones.



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