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  1:40 Maisto NSX  
Type: Diecast 

Brand: Maisto 

Date: November 8, 2003 

francis gan (2003, 2004)

Maisto's 1:40 NSX was an Acura NSX released in LHD in their "Excess Tuner" kit line.  The cars came in blister packs with additional parts that would transform a stock NSX into a modified one with a larger wing, a wide body kit and aggressive looking front and rear bumpers. The interior does not get any modifications though they already come with red seats in a black cockpit for both the silver and yellow versions of the model.  The modified parts include some graphics printed in black.

This model was also OEM'd to Walmart and packaged as "Kid Connection" branded models.

This model was also available outside the US packaged as Honda NSX in both silver and yellow.  The modified panels carried "Honda" on them.  White the front of the packaging was common to the US ones, showing the "Acura" NSX, the rear of the package showed "Honda NSX" in the instructions.

Silver Acura NSX and modified version:

Silver Honda NSX

Yellow Acura NSX and modified version:


Yellow Honda NSX and modified version:

The differences between the Honda and Acura versions



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