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  1:18 Revell NSX  
Type: Diecast

Brand: Revell

Date: November 7, 2003

francis gan (2003, 2004)

Revell introduced the 1:18 NSX in 1992 in both Europe and the USA. 

Introduced in 1992 at less than half the price of the Kyosho version, the Revell NSX seemed like a steal.  However, the quality was clearly lower - even lower than the Joueff NSX. Interestingly, the roof is plastic and is one piece with the windshield - allowing for very sleek A pillar like the actual car. This model is made in China with a 1992 copyright.  The bottom of the car also has "Honda NSX" identification.

The interior is quite proportionate and well detailed. The undercarriage has reasonable detail but lacks the painting finish of the Kyosho. The front spoiler lip is body colored instead of black. The rear window lacks the defroster and antenna lines.

In Europe, the Honda NSX was released in Silver, Red and Yellow - packaged in the European blue Revell windowed boxes. The yellow one being the rarest.

Inaccuracies include: grey interior, "ACURA" on the steering airbag cover, missing front fog lights, chromed wheels and BF Goodrich Comp T/A tires.

In the USA, the Acura NSX was available in Red packaged in a red windowed box. This LHD model has "ACURA" barely visible on the steering airbag cover. The front bumper has Acura's caliper logo while the rear tail light has the "ACURA" logo. Inaccuracies include: grey interior, chromed wheels and BF Goodrich Comp T/A tires.

Revell reissued the 1:18 NSX in 2001 but with the original NSX's 5 spoke wheels (still in chrome).  2 colors were in this reissue - Red (86-8948) and Black (86-8949). Details that Revell added: black border around the windshield (which even Kyosho does not have) and a black chin spoiler.  In this reissue, the Red NSX still has the black roof but has an ivory interior.  The black is a new color for Revell and it comes with a black interior.  Curiously, the tires are now Bridgestone S02 (marked ont eh sidewalls) but the tread pattern does not match. The reissued cars come in a new design blue windowed box.



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