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  1:18 Kyosho NSX  
Type: Diecast

Brand: Kyosho

Date: November 6, 2003

francis gan (2003, 2004)

This is probably the first licensed diecast model of the NSX. At the time (1992), the level of detail and quality of the Kyosho models were second to none.  The early Kyosho NSX models were hand polished before being packaged in a custom form fitting styrofoam block inside a classy black box. The first edition of Kyosho NSX's are rare - Kyosho produced them in a limited run for only a couple of year.  That edition came in silver and in red.

Details were correct down to the Yokohama A022 tire tread design and sidewalls that include tire sizes!  Other noticeable external details include: "H" logo on wheel center caps, oval tipped exhausts, fog lamps, headlight lens pattern on the operating flip up headlights, black louvered side intake grilles, detailed undercarriage and suspension components including spring/struts, brake light in rear spoiler, antenna and defroster wires in rear window, raised turn signal on fenders (JDM model placement).  Interestingly, the bolts on the undercarriage are tipped in yellow.

Internal details include: decals in the engine bay, detailed engine parts in the correct color right down to the intake manifold cover's "DOHC VTEC", engine cover stick, fuzzy engine cover, driver foot pedals, switchgear in the center console, detailed dashboard decal, "H" logo on steering wheel airbag cover, rear view mirror angled towards the driver, carpeted trunk,

Honda NSX Type R

That first release also included a white NSX Type R based on the JDM market RHD Honda NSX. In addition to the regular NSX's details, the Type R version had correct details including the Momo steering wheel with the "H" center, round exhaust tips (though one is missing in the photo model), mesh engine cover, titanium shift knob, red recaro seats, and the 5 spoke Enkei wheels in white. One inaccuracy on the NSX Type R model is the "NSX" badge near the door handle instead of "NSX-R"

Occasional quality problems include rear spoilers that are not securely "glued" on and the engine assembly and exhausts too high or too low.  Directional tires that are not installed the correct direction. The only noticeable problem with the casting is the horizontal line across the front bumper. Inaccuracies include: a stepped shifter boot on the NSX (the NSX-R's is correct); key holes that are black in the center.

Acura NSX-T

In a reissue, Kyosho introduced the LHD Acura NSX-T in 1997 in yellow and in pearl white with the 7 spoke wheels with "ACURA" center caps. Additional details include: "ACURA" logo on steering wheel airbag cover, passenger side airbag cover, wiper arms on the correct side for a LHD car, US model turn signals on front and rear fenders, Acura caliper logo on front bumper, "ACURA" logo in tail light, deletion of fog lamps, NSX-T engine cover, triangular engine bay brace instead of the transverse single bar in the original NSX. Although the interior carpeting carried over from the original issue, the engine cover was not fuzzy as in the original issue.

Inaccuracies noticed include: casted JDM turn signal not removed and still painted in addition to the painted US turn signals, targa roof panel seams not present, oval tail pipes.  Although the wheel design depicts the 16"/17" size, the tires on the car were the original ones that came on the original issue (205/50R15 and 225/50R16) - a problem that carries through all the future 16/17 wheeled versions. Also, the Acura NSX-T never came in pearl white in the US.


Honda NSX Type S

At about the same time, the NSX Type S was introduced in Imola Orange, Pearl White and Formula Red with the BBS mesh wheels. The Type S version had correct details including the mesh engine cover, mesh covered front side intakes in bumper, titanium shift knob, color coordinated recaro seats and door panels (black with orange inserts on the Imola Orange, black with blue inserts for the Pearl White), and the BBS wheels with "H" logo. 

The NSX Type S come in blue windowed boxes like those of the NSX-T.  The black bases are brick patterned and has "Honda NSX Type S" on the front of the base.

One inaccuracy noticed (beyond the ones mentioned above for the original issue) is that the side intakes should be mesh and not louvered.

The NSX Type S in red (never sold in the USA).


Acura NSX-T (reissue)

In 2000, the Acura NSX-T was reintroduced in red and in black with 7 spoke wheels. The newer (post 1996) models lacked the paint quality and packaging quality that the original issue had. The packaging resorting to windowed boxes and black plastic bases that the car was screwed onto. A detail improvement included removal of the casted JDM turn signal. One assembly improvement addressing earlier quality issues include a rear spoiler that is attached with screws.


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