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  1:64 Muscle Machines RSX  
Sports Cars 
Type: Diecast 

Brand: Muscle Machines 

Date: November 8, 2003 

francis gan (2003, 2004)

There were various configurations of the Acura RSX in Funline's Muscle Machines 1:64 series.

The RSX's with Skunk on the hood and a hood opening for the visible turbocharger.

Silver (T02-27)

Pearl White (T02-03)

Blue (T02-33)

Grey (T02-09)

Some details of this version:


The Skunk sponspored RSXs without the hood opening.

Met. Orange (T02-15)

Met. Green (T02-21)

The details of this series: sponsored RSX in matt black and in satin olive green

Satin Olive Green (T03-11)

Matt Black (T03-05)

For the "Nitto" RSX's (Releases G and H), the aftermarket manufacturer decals (actually tampoed on) came in colors that went well with the body color.

The Carbon Creations sponsored RSXs in Black and in Yellow

T03-42 (Black)


T03-48 (Yellow)

A Special Edition '04 RSX commissioned by American Honda for the 2004 SEMA Show.

The T04 Series RSX are RoJa special edition marked.


This black Zeal decorated RSX came with a trailer package.



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