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  1:51 Tomica F1  
Type: Diecast 

Brand: Tomica 

Date: January 3, 2003 

francis gan (2003, 2004)
Many of these variations of the Honda F1 RA27x of the 1960's are rare.


Orange engine version 

Chrome engine version

Notice the different colored engine trumpets between the #9 (left) and the gold circled car (right):

A Honda Direct Marketing edition RA302 carrying the number 14T from a brown checker GM12 box.

Another reissue recently released in Tomica's Museum Collection. The engine inlets are in black.

Special Sony Magazines edition #100

Here's a copy of this car by Aviva released in their Snoopy series.

An F3000 Mugen Honda

The more contemporary Honda F1s were also released by Tomica. 

This is the Lotus 99T - in individual packaging, they come as No.11.  The boxed set below has the No.12.

The famous McLaren MP4/4 in #12

Here is a set - these cars were not available individually - the ones in this set are sequentially numbered up from the individually boxed ones.  The fact that they appear in a set makes them even more rare. Of this set of 4, only 2 of them are Honda powered.

Here is another Tomica box set - this time of Honda F1 cars only. This set contains the Williams Honda No.6, Lotus Honda No. 12 and the Honda F1 RA 301 No. 18.  All are not available individually.

The Williams Honda #5


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