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  1:57 Tomica Civic  
Type: Diecast 

Brand: Tomica 

Date: January 3, 2004 

francis gan (2003, 2004)
The Civic was released in 1974 in 3 door hatchback form and later in a 5 door wagon.

Here's a gold one with 1E wheels

The Civic 3 Door Hatchback was also one of the two Hondas available as Tomica Pocket Cars in the USA for the short time that Tomica tried the US market.

One of these gold Civic GL's with the 1E wheels came in a black/yellow box.


A very rare yellow Civic GL that with a specially decaled box custom colored for a department store.

Here's a Rally version with the extra lamps on the front bumper and the roof rack with spare. The wheels are also gold on this one.

A reissue of the Rallye version - this time with a black interior.

This is the Honda edition of the Civic GL in orange with a black interior and black wheels. Additional painted details include rear badges and lights.   Interestingly, it has the Rally front bumper with the extra lamps. It comes in a white Honda checkered box.

Another Honda edition in red with a black interior.

Another Honda issued Civic GL with the extra details in Blue

A light blue Civic GL with a grey interior from a later Series III lottery box.


A new issue "Aeon" version of the Civic Hatchback in yellow - comes with a road sign in a pink Aeon marked box.

A 2006 issue with details in orange and a black hood.

A yellow detailed version from a Dream Project package that came with an equivalent ChoroQ model.

This red UCC 5 door Civic Wagon comes in a set of 4 Tomica vehicles.

The original packaging of this yellow Civic 5 door wagon is a black/yellow box.

Here's a Patrol Car version with its special black/white box:


A reissue of the wood paneled Civic Country Wagon issued in a Honda checkered box. The yellow is a bit brighter than the original and has additional painted detail such as the black rub strip and tail lights. The reissued version also has a black base instead of the bare metal one on the original.

The original

Comparison between the original (left) and the reissue (right):

A brown "woody" Country Wagon

A white "woody" Country Wagon. Not sure what the original packaging was.

A very rare YKK Civic Country Wagon. 

Here's a rare blue Country Wagon with gold markings

The 1983 Civic Hatchback

A yellow Civic Hatchback with black markings and a white base plate.

Version with yellow base

A commemorative yellow Civic with a silver bottom half and "Winter 1985" on the roof.

A rare race Mugen Civic with decals unapplied.  Not sure what the original packaging was.


Another rare Mugen Civic race car #15

Another special edition race Civic - the red #28 "Cabin" sponsored Civic

A Patrol Car version released in 2006


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