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  1:75 ChoroQ CRX  
CRX & Del Sol
Type: Diecast 

Brand: ChoroQ 

Date: November 8, 2003 (Updated February 15, 2004) 

francis gan (2003, 2004)

Takara released the 1st generation CR-X in various colors and levels of detail.  They all come with an operating sunroof.

An early version in dark blue with a chrome bottom half.  Even the tires have "Dunlop" on them.

Here's a 2002 issue of a purple CR-X that came in a red ribboned ChoroQ box.

Here's a silver Honda Direct Marketing version with black lower cladding.

This is a keychain version in a special blister package.  Has "Speed Racer" on the hood but not much other detail.

Details on this blue/silver one include painted molding on side cladding and dual tone color. This version comes from a Honda 4-pack.

Notice the additional details on this black one out of the J's Tipo 15 set: painted strip on side cladding, printed badges on front and rear, grey insets on chrome rims.

In 2003, the CRX-II was released:

From multi-car sets

ChoroQ Pro versions of the 1st generation CRX. These are slightly larger scale than the regular ChoroQ CRX.

Here's an unmarked version that does not have ChoroQ branding on the bottom.  The tires have "Dunlop" on them.


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