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  1:50 Tomica Beat  
Sports Cars
Type: Diecast 

Brand: Tomica 

Date: February 15, 2004 

francis gan (2003, 2004)
Tomica introduced quite a number of variations of the Honda Beat some Made in China while the earlier ones were Made in Japan.

The Japanese made Beats also came in JDM blister packs.

Red (Made in China).  Aside from the stamping at the bottom, the Chinese ones are distinguishable by the thicker paint around the badges and the bottom. Even the box has a "Made in China" on it.

China (left) vs Japan (right)

A very rare factory version of the Beat in silver

A later, more generic but detailed version

A couple of special edition Beats in their own special boxes and livery.



Some rarer custom editions

A black Beat with chrome lipped wheels from a "Powered by Honda" set that also includes an S2000, NSX and S800.

A rather rare variation of the Beat in white with a light grey interior.

A Tomica "Special Issue" in yellow

A Disney version in light blue and green with Goofy livery


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